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Sandler's Annual Summit

Every year we all come together for two incredible days of training and networking

unparalleled professional growth and networking

The Sandler Summit

Every year, over a thousand of the world’s top sales, leadership, and management professionals gather at a resort location for the Sandler Summit, where we network, share ideas, celebrate each other’s successes and participate in sessions led by top Sandler training professionals.


Sandler Summit on Hubspot Conference list

Voted one of the Top Sales Conferences to Attend in 2019 by Hubspot

If you're anything like most salespeople, you aim to crush your number and become more efficient. But how will you do that? Professional conferences are not only an opportunity to meet industry leaders – and maybe do a little prospecting – they're also a way to break yourself out of your usual routine and pick up new skills.

Sandler Summit top on Forbes list

2019 Sales Conferences You Don't Want to Miss in Forbes

Whether it’s through reading, taking an online course, or participating in a workshop, it’s imperative to invest in your development — and your team’s — if you want to succeed. However, one of the most effective ways to grow professionally is by allowing your sales team to connect with and learn from other sales professionals. 

Join Us March 4-6, 2020

We're hosting the 2020 Sandler Summit at the beautiful Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida. We hope you and your colleagues will join us for two days of intensive world-class training and high-energy networking with like-minded business professionals from around the world.

  • Up-to-the-minute sales and management sessions facilitated by the top presenters in the world, including David Mattson, CEO and President of the Sandler organization. 

  • Collaborate and network with other successful, highly motivated professionals across all industries.

  • Leave the event with game-changing key takeaways that you can put into action immediately.


Here's a peek from 2019—and it keeps getting better every year!

Each new event builds exponentially upon the energy and success of the prior year. The 2019 Accelerate Your Success event was a huge success for everyone who attended, so don't miss the next one!

2019 Sandler Summit Highlights - Accelerate!

The Sandler Blog

Sales, Leadership and Management—at the Summit!

Every year gets bigger and better.  Search 'Summit' on our Blog, or #SandlerSummit on your social channels for more pictures, videos, stories, and information!

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