Consider This Your Invitation: Be Our Guest for Sandler’s Virtual Summit

Sandler’s Virtual Summit, which takes place on September 22, 2022, is where thousands of salespeople, sales leaders and other professionals responsible for generating revenue for an organization can come together to share best practices.  It’s truly going to be a one-of-a-kind event.

Last year, over 10,000 people registered for this event.  It was a huge success, and we’re carrying the momentum into 2022.  We’re looking forward to covering some exciting, game-changing topics as Sandler’s best and brightest get together virtually.  And we can tell you with confidence that the amount of sharing that takes place in our digital breakout rooms when they’re facilitated by world-class Sandler trainers simply can’t be beat.

We know time is precious, and we want to make sure that we bring action-packed tactics and strategies to you and your team that you can quickly start implementing.  Whatever you do within the organization to generate revenue, there will be something for you in every single session. 

I will kick off the program with a discussion of How to Sell to the Modern Buyer.  Together, we’re going to look closely at the modern buying journey: how that journey has changed over time, what it looks like today, and how you can adapt to it and yet still stay true to your sales methodology. Buyers are more educated than in years past, and there are likely to be more decision-makers involved in any given purchase. Trends in digital buying have accelerated, a lot of buyers are inclined to hold salespeople at arm’s length, and people at all levels of the buying organization are taking advantage of a dizzying array of communication and technology platforms. The technology has changed, the way we interact with our customers has changed, and the social and cultural norms have certainly changed. So how do we adapt to the modern buyer journey…but still stay true to our sales methodology? How do we find the sweet spot that allows us to check both of those boxes? I’ll share some powerful principles for doing just that, and I’ll preview the 52 updated and expanded Sandler Rules included in my forthcoming book – also called How to Sell to the Modern Buyer.

Next up will be Barry Trailer; he’s co-founder, with Jim Dickie, of Sales Mastery, a sales research and advisory firm focused on AI-for-Sales solutions and Sales as a Profession. In his talk The Sales Performance Scorecard, Barry will be assessing the new sales process  and sharing some of the insights he has accumulated over the last couple of decades about maximizing performance. He’ll also be sharing how you can use the right data to both sell and manage more effectively.  Barry’s insights will help you guide your decisions to finish 2022 strong and also help you set the right strategy for 2023.  It’s one thing to know what the research says, it’s another to incorporate the research into your working day in a way that makes both you and your team more efficient. Barry will show you how you can use today’s information tools to sell and manage smarter. 

John Rosso, a Sandler trainer with deep experience and the author or coauthor of multiple books on prospecting, will address a big topic: Understanding the Investment Criteria in a Complex Sale. Let’s face it: it’s hard to understand the investment criteria in any type of sale.  We’re often hurtling over roadblocks that we may have put in front of ourselves – like discomfort when it comes to talking directly about money.  But, at the same time, we also wrestle with the technical side of the equation, especially when it comes to complex deals.  John’s going to talk about both the art and the science of the complex sale: what to do, when to do it, how to identify the cast of characters (which is likely to be bigger than you think), and how to define and leverage the investment criteria in the ever-changing selling environment that we find ourselves in.

Amy Woodall, a top-rated speaker at our last Summit, will be talking about Aligning Sales and Service: How to Stop the Infighting and Improve the Outcomes. Congruency and collaboration are the keys – but how do we get there?  If you think about the two most important groups of people in a revenue engine after a sale is consummated, it’s sales and service.  The critical juncture where they work together is a unique point in time for our buyers.  They’ve just made the decision to work with us, and now they are transitioning from sales to service. We want that transition to be nothing but stellar. We want to instill them with full confidence in their choice and the conviction that they picked the right partner. But all too often, because there is a misalignment between sales and service, that’s not the message that the customer receives. Why does that happen? What are the pitfalls we want to avoid? Amy will identify them, and then show us some of the proven best practices for more effective buyer engagement and buyer onboarding.

Jeff Pankoff, a top Sandler trainer and consultant, is going to talk about how to Avoid the Superhero Syndrome.  We all run into this problem. Something goes right, and the next thing we know, we’re on the top of the heap, and we fall into the trap known as “Nobody Knows What I Know.” This can be a major obstacle to both personal and organizational growth – especially if we find ourselves in a leadership role. We want people to self-discover and not become reliant on our answers to every single question. Self-sufficiency is the key. And for leaders, most of the time that means asking more questions than we answer.  But instead of asking good questions, we may think to ourselves, “I’m pressed for time, and anyway nobody knows what I know. I’ll just give them the answer.” So we say, “Do X, Y and Z.” And people say to themselves as they go back to work, “That didn’t take long! Now I know how to solve all my problems. I just need to ask for help.”  This keeps both of us from growing. Jeff’s talk will show you how to take the Superhero Syndrome out of your day-to-day management, so your organization will flourish, and you can save time. A self-sufficient team is the ultimate timesaver!

Finally, Sandler trainer and author Peter Oliver will be leading a panel discussion on Making the Climb: From Salesperson to Sales Manager – and Beyond, based on his powerful book of the same name. Most emerging sales managers receive little or no training before taking on the job. That is a huge mistake. Pete will be leading a group discussion about why the climb from individual contributor to manager is worth planning and preparing for – and what organizations can do to make the journey successful. 

Now, here’s the best part: This is a complimentary event!  You can register at no charge here

See you at the Summit!