Leadership Blind Spot – Introduction


Hi, it’s Dave Mattson. Welcome to Sandler and thanks for making the journey with me as we talk about the blind spots as an entrepreneur, as an organization. You know these 13 blind spots as you see them up on your screen are things that we probably all are battling at one point in time.

  • Not having a process for hiring
  • Improperly onboarding people
  • Failing to tie Corporate goals to personal goals
  • Not creating a culture of accountability
  • No common sales language
  • Not focusing on lead generation
  • Not capturing best practices
  • Failing to train and coach management staff
  • Not building the bench
  • Not knowing how to coach
  • Not sharing the vision with those who have to implement
  • Fostering a culture of learned helplessness
  • No methodologies and systems

Blind spots are something that we either don’t know we have. We have a scotoma, we have a blind spot. We don’t realize that we didn’t have a process for coaching or hiring or onboarding, but as you look at them you’ll realize that these blind spots are the things that are holding you back from taking your business to the next level. Whether you run a department or an organization, we’ve got to constantly be improving the systems and processes with an organization.

The issue is this, you may not have that blind spot today, but as you grow in scale what I have found over the last 30 years is that blind spots can pop up. It’s almost like a weed in your yard. It looks beautiful until the neighbors, the wind blows those dandelions right back into your yard and up they come again. It’s one of those things that you have to constantly, diligently look after and make sure that they’re not popping up because once they do they tend to fester. As we look forward as entrepreneurs, as I do, as you do, that is healthy, but we do have to look down to make sure that the blind spots aren’t popping up within a department or within our organization as a whole.

I’ve discovered these blind spots as I did my research for our best seller, “49 Rules for Sales Leaders”. I saw patterns and those patterns held true regardless of industry and size of organization. I hope by exposing you to these blind spots, you’ll have the opportunity to go back to your organization to do a health check. Do we have these blind spots and if so, here’s how we’re going to attack them, to obliviate them to make sure that we are a well oiled machine so we can compete in today’s marketplace.

Until we meet each other, good selling.

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