Navigating the Changing Landscape of Sales

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Six Modern Prospecting Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

By Emily Yepes

Full disclosure: I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys prospecting and loves talking about it at length. That takes a lot of people by surprise. But it’s true.

Why Sales Leaders Get (and Give) Bad Revenue Forecasts… and What to Do About It

By David Mattson

The “forecast” from the salesperson is not based on any meaningful data. It’s more of a guess. Often, what sales leaders hear is best translated as, “See, I’m a closer!” — or, if a deal collapses, as “Look, it wasn’t my fault.” Salespeople learn to give themselves some wiggle room.

The One Big Mistake That Will Sabotage Any Sales Kickoff

By Michael Norton

The big mistake that will sabotage your 2024 SKO – and indeed any SKO, no matter where or when it’s held – is not having senior leadership be present.

Leading and Retaining High-Performance Salespeople

By Allen Johnston

High performance salespeople are a valuable and rare asset. Their skill, drive, and results-oriented approach to solving customer issues go a long way toward determining the organization’s bottom line. How can we avoid the all-too-common outcome of hiring them, training them, and developing them… only to see them walk out the door a year or so down the line?

Ten Traits That Help Sales Leaders Spot the Salesperson of Tomorrow

By Bill Bartlett

If you do not adapt, you will not thrive. Sales leaders who understand that will have a significant marketplace edge over sales leaders who don’t.

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Sales

By Mike Montague

Let’s take a little journey through this metaphorical sales landscape and see what the terrain looks like in 2024.

Qualifying Hard, Closing Easy: The Sandler Pain Step (And Why Your Team Isn’t Completing It)

By Michael Norton

At Sandler, we teach and relentlessly reinforce a simple principle, an impossible-to-forget idea that carries massive implications for optimal revenue production: qualify hard, close easy.