Rule #52 – Money Does Grow on Trees: Referral Trees

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Rule #52 – Money Does Grow on Trees: Referral Trees

By Dave Mattson, President & CEO, Sandler

When I was growing up and asked for something I didn’t really need, my parents responded by saying, “What, do you think money grows on trees?” Believe it or not, my parents were wrong. Money actually does grow on trees.

Gumball Prospecting

By Mark McGraw, Sandler Trainer

Here is a true story from my own childhood that may help to take some of the pressure off you, and help you spend less time trying to convince someone they should work with you.

4 Best Practices for Salespeople That Turn Emails into Phone Discussions

By Greg Nanigian, Sandler Trainer

These days, our first contact with a potential buyer may not be in a face-to-face setting or on a phone call, but via email. It’s not always obvious what we should do once we receive an email message.

The Art of Generating Referrals Off of No Appointment

By John Rosso, Sandler Trainer

Every prospecting interaction pays dividends. Even if you get a no, you can learn something and improve. And even if you get a no, you can ask yourself where the potential is—and pursue that.

Why Set WRITTEN Goals?

By Kevin Shulman, Sandler Trainer

Yes, it’s true. You might not reach all your goals. However, writing your goals and determining an action plan dramatically increases your chances of attaining success.