The Moneyball Moment

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The Moneyball Moment

By David Mattson

Some thoughts on Sales, Analytics, and Success in a Data-Driven World – In the AI era – the era when we all became responsible, whether we liked it or not, for data-driven decisions, meaning decisions based on advanced analytics – we have an ethical obligation to launch difficult conversations with the “old-school guys” (of whatever gender) on our team.

Sandler Rule: Be the Least Bad Cake

By Emily Yepes

Some Thoughts On When (and How) to Talk about Price in a Tough Market – Buying is a complex process these days, one with a lot of stakeholders (some of whom prefer not having to deal with salespeople at all) and a lot of moving parts.

The Leadership Lesson We Found in the Garbage

By Michael Norton

Now, you might not be used to thinking of psychological garbage – what David Sandler, the founder of our company, called “head trash” — as a real thing. But it is real. And to prove that, here’s a hypothetical example of the kind of garbage I’m talking about, and the smelly consequences of ignoring it.

AI: What I Use That Actually Works

By Jordan Ledwein

I found several tools that helped me to use my time efficiently. I’ll share one of them with you.

The Top 33 Sandler Coaching Questions for Salespeople

By Bill Bartlett

These questions are designed exclusively for use with salespeople who are personally and directly responsible for revenue creation. They are meant to be posed in a private, safe, one-on-one coaching environment.

Getting Your Head Around Sales Technology

By David Mattson

Why Senior Leadership is the Key to Revolutionizing Team and Organizational Success.

A Conversation with David Sandler

By Gregory Hobbs

A first-generation student of the Sandler Selling System details a fateful encounter with David Sandler in the early 1980s in this excerpt from the forthcoming book Sandler Yesterday and Today.