My Sandler Story: Stepping Up From Domino’s Pizza Franchisee to Profound Success

My Sandler Story: Bob Barber

In the realm of franchising, few stories are as compelling and insightful as that of Bob Barber. With 36 years of business experience, including 12 years in pizza delivery with Domino’s and 24 years in business consulting with Sandler, Bob’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of franchising and personal development. In a recent podcast with Tom Scarda, The Franchise Academy, Bob shared his story, offering valuable lessons and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

From College to Pizza Delivery

Bob’s entrepreneurial journey began straight out of college when he joined Domino’s Pizza, a path he humorously refers to as the “path of least resistance.” Despite his father’s reservations about turning a four-year degree into a career in pizza delivery, Bob found success and fulfillment in the industry. He and his wife became franchisees, and for 12 years, they thrived in the fast-paced world of pizza delivery. However, the demanding nature of the business, being open every day but two, eventually led Bob to seek a change.

Transition to Sandler

The pivot in Bob’s career came through his sister, a client of Sandler. Intrigued by the potential of the program, Bob became a client himself, driving two and a half hours one way for 90-minute sessions. The impact of Sandler’s methods on his Domino’s business was profound, raising ticket averages and enhancing various facets of operations. Bob saw the potential for a better work-life balance, fewer employees, and no ties – a stark contrast to his experience in the food industry.

The Sandler System

Bob speaks passionately about the Sandler® system, a timeless and adaptable methodology for effective communication in any business context. He emphasizes that Sandler is not just about sales; it’s about leadership and becoming a trusted advisor. The system focuses on behavior, attitude, and technique, helping individuals and businesses achieve success across all industries and aspects of life.

The Franchise Experience

Discussing the differences between food franchises like Domino’s and a B2B franchise like Sandler, Bob highlights the challenges of reliance on labor, high liability, and controlling costs in the food industry. In contrast, his B2B sales role with Sandler offers lower liability, better margins, and less reliance on labor. He advises potential franchisees to be comfortable playing within the rules of franchising and to leverage proven systems rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

The Power of Networking and Support

One of the aspects Bob cherishes most about his Sandler experience is the supportive network of fellow franchisees. He describes the relationships formed through common struggles and successes as unique and enduring. This network provides a level of support and camaraderie that is rare in the corporate world.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bob’s advice for those considering entrepreneurship or franchising is threefold: keep your financial house in order, ensure your spouse is fully supportive, and most importantly, commit to the behaviors that drive business success. He emphasizes that failure is just a different set of results and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be resilient and persistent.


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