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Video: Creating a Recipe for Success

By Sandler Training / October 5, 2010

In the video above, Sandler’s CEO, Dave Mattson, explains how someone comes to figure out their recipe for success. After countless trials and experimentation, you have to take the time to sit down and analyze what strategies have worked for you, and what strategies could use some more work. While many salespeople may view non-client…

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Video: You Don’t Learn How to Win by Getting a “Yes,” You Learn How to Win by Getting a “No”

By Sandler Training / September 30, 2010

What do you really learn by getting a “yes”? Job well done. Keep doing what you’re doing. Get comfortable. Right? That’s all fine, but realize that while your “yes” may make you happy, it doesn’t necessarily make you a better salesperson. Many sales training programs would lead you to believe that you’ve failed when you…

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Video: Sandler Rule #36: Only Decision Makers Can Get Others to Make Decisions

By Sandler Training / September 27, 2010

As a salesperson, your objective is to get your prospect to make a decision. Obviously, a “yes, I will work with you” is better than a “no, thanks.” But even getting to that decision can be a chore for some. But in order to get to that final decision, the salesperson has to make some…

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Video: Sandler Rule #37: All Prospects Lie, All the Time

By Sandler Training / September 24, 2010

After any amount of time in dealing with salespeople, you’re bound to come across some overzealous characters-those people who treat a prospect more like a rabid predator than a professional. Nobody wants to deal with a salesperson who is obviously waiting to pounce, so you do the only thing you can do to shake them…

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Video: Sandler Rule #24: Product Knowledge Used at the Wrong Time Can Be Intimidating

By Sandler Training / September 22, 2010

Acronyms, industry buzz-words, technical jargon-we’ve all used them at one point or another in our jobs. But if you’ve been using them when you’re first getting to know your prospect, you may have made a big mistake. As Sandler Training’s Jody Williamson explains in the video above, product knowledge used at the wrong time can…

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Video: Sandler Rule #39: When All Else Fails, Become a Consultant

By Sandler Training / September 20, 2010

“No.” You heard it. The prospect said no. After all of your hard work, your probing questions, the fight to get the meeting in the first place, the prospect said no. That’s the end of the sales process, and you’ve somewhat succeeded in a sense that you at least got an answer. It’s not a…

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Why Is Everyone Mad at Our Salespeople?

By Sandler Training / September 16, 2010

The change in the economic climate in the last two years has affected everyone, and one of the more dramatic effects is the cultural impact it’s had on organizations. Employees no longer feel safe, and they don’t like it. They are feeling left out, they are angry to see their friends laid off and their…

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When Wall Street and Main Street Intersect at My Street

By Sandler Training / September 14, 2010

The following summarizes what many salespeople have been saying as I’ve spoken with them this week, “Wow, it was hard to find buyers before all this financial mess and now it’s impossible … it’s killing me!” I get a sense that fear is strangling a major portion of the sales world. If you are able…

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Get Over It: Stop Fearing Rejection, Stop Seeking Approval, Start Prospecting

By Sandler Training / September 10, 2010

That’s a headline straight out of sales training boot camp, but it’s true. There is a question most people want answered when they go to a sales training program or read one of the many sales how-to books; that question sounds like this, “Is there really one secret weapon or magic formula to make me better and…

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What Not to Do During a Sales Slump: Seven Deadly Sales Sins & How to Avoid Them

By Dave Mattson / September 9, 2010

As a tough economy lingers, many businesses find themselves stuck in a sales slump, and don’t know how to get out. As the CEO of Sandler Training, I’ve had the privilege of helping businesses with just that problem. Many businesses are paralyzed in today’s difficult environment. They don’t have a system for success or forget…

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