Sandler Case Study

Bruker is the market leader in magnetic resonance spectrocopy instruments including NMR, EPR and preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Bruker was in need of honing negotiating skills and finding better ways to close deals in the high-performance scientific instruments and analytical and diagnostic solutions market space. Sandler was hired to help the sales and marketing teams improve sales, grow margins and negotiate better deals at closing.


During the initial phase, we conducted in-depth discovery calls to fully grasp Bruker’s key pain points and determine the materials needed for training to correct each. We created a personalized playbook that included how to deal with client pain discovery, budget conversations and negotiation planning. Materials pinpointed how team members should sell themselves, the product and the company. This helped individuals stretch out of their comfort zones and begin closing more deals.

The first thing we do is listen, observe, and then create…


Reinforcement training is what sets us apart. And because of the impact our training continues to have with Bruker, their team is always seeking improvement through accountability phone training and detailed use of the Sandler Submarine. With Sandler, it seems the more the Bruker team learns and succeeds, the more they want to know.

The sales process was shortened by 25 percent, and their close rate increased by 10 percent.


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