How to Succeed at Social Selling

Mike Montague

How to Succeed at Social Selling [Podcast]

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to grow your business through social selling. You can use your network of business contacts, to take a proactive, client-centered view of prospecting on social media. This special bonus podcast cuts through all the noise, tech-speak, and misconceptions about LinkedIn and social selling.

Mike Montague shares an inside look at LinkedIn the Sandler Way and shares his thoughts about how to succeed at social selling. Guest host, Jim Wilcox, interviews Mike to preview the upcoming Sandler webinar on the same subject. 

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to change your attitude about social selling
  • The key behaviors and actions of top performing salespeople
  • 10 Techniques for social selling success
  • Mike Montague’s greatest success, biggest failure, and favorite Sandler Rule

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The LinkedIn the Sandler Way Webinar is May 17th – 2 PM EDT

Learn 5 Secrets that Show Salespeople how to Leverage Social Selling

Hosted by David Mattson, Presented by Mike Montague

You will learn how to:

  • Change the game for social selling
  • Create a client-attracting profile
  • Get connected with prospects and clients
  • Search for quality leads and prospects
  • Make contact with decision makers 

This webinar will be presented by Mike Montague, Director of Content Marketing at Sandler Training and contributor to the Sandler book, LinkedIn the Sandler Way. The techniques shared in this webinar are endorsed by LinkedIn and were created in a partnership between LinkedIn and Sandler Training to teach salespeople how to create a social selling plan to attract, make contact with, and close more prospects.

Learn how to create a plan that uses all the new tools available to take prospects from click to close!

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