How to Succeed at Using DISC

Mike Montague

How to Succeed at Using DISC (podcast)

Markku Kauppinen, President and CEO of Extended DISC North America, recently appeared on the How to Succeed Podcast to talk about DISC. If you are not familiar with the DISC Behavioral Model, it first appeared in psychology and communication theory in 1929 and has evolved to become one of the most popular personality and hiring assessments in the world.

The DISC model is based on your behavior. It clarifies how you prefer to do things based on two factors. Are you more extroverted or introverted? And, are you more people or task oriented? Based on those preferences, you end up with four possible behavioral styles:

  • Dominant: Extroverted & Task-Oriented
  • Influencer: Extroverted & People-Oriented
  • Steady-Relator: Introverted & People-Oriented
  • Compliant: Introverted & Task-Oriented

By learning your preferred style and learning to identify the styles of others, you can begin to adapt your behavior to match the styles and better communicate, lead and sell. DISC is regularly used in Sandler Training help salespeople better communicate with prospects, but it can also be used in team building, hiring processes, and leadership development.

Listen to the podcast to learn how to succeed at using DISC and how to improve your attitude, behavior and technique to get to the top and stay there!