How to Succeed at Making Customer Service a Superpower With Louie Gravance

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How to Succeed at Making Customer Service a Superpower With Louie Gravance

Join Mike Montague and Louie Gravance as they dive into the secrets of making customer service a superpower.

Louie, a longtime Walt Disney Company employee with over 25 years of experience at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida, shares insights from his distinguished career in designing live experiences. Tune in as they discuss the transformative nature of service, the importance of exceeding customer expectations, and the power of creating moments of spontaneity.

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Tune in now and discover how to make customer service your superpower!

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 00:00:12 – Making Customer Service a Superpower Through Improv and Spontaneity
  • 00:07:51 – Sales Techniques and the Importance of Listening
  • 00:11:56 – Creating Emotional Connections With Customers Through Storytelling and Branding
  • 00:19:19 – The Impact of a Sales Training Organization
  • 00:23:36 – Customer Expectations and Disney Magic
  • 00:30:46 – Customer Service and Leadership Insights

Key Takeaways

  • Service is not just performative; it is transformative.
  • All service is performative; there’s no business but show business.
  • Cataloging successful interactions creates the illusion of spontaneity.
  • Understanding clients’ emotional connections to the brand or product is vital.
  • Bringing theatrical elements into the business world creates memorable experiences.
  • Clients will always find what they’re looking for; set positive expectations.
  • Understand the audience (clients) and what they need in the “show.”
  • Acknowledging and learning from mistakes contributes to personal and professional growth.
  • “You can build, dream, design, and create the most fantastic place in the world, but it takes people to make that dream a reality.”
  • The reciprocal relationship: making the company stronger benefits the client as well.
  • Service goes beyond creating memories; it leaves a lasting impact on individuals and organizations.