The Coach's Playbook

Learn how to unlock the code for maximizing performance!

Five Challenges of Coaching

Many organizations underestimate the importance of the coaching role, misunderstand the definition of coaching, and consistently underperform as coaches or entirely omit the process. As a result, this leads to stress, burnout, and less-than-optimal performance of the leader and the entire team.

Are you a leader who is frustrated with:
  • Losing good people after investing time and money into onboarding them?

  • Consistently underperforming and undermotivated team members?

  • Spending too much time and energy firefighting and fixing problems for your team?

  • Having the same conversation over and over without any change in behavior or results?

  • A lopsided top-heavy team with some members performing and others struggling and constantly looking to you for help?

If so, you are not alone. Every leader eventually comes face-to-face with one or more of these challenges.

The question becomes, “How will you learn overcome them?”

A Systematic Approach to Maximizing Team Performance and Accountability

Clients who have worked with us to strengthen their “coaching muscle” report significant improvement to their culture, performance ratings, and bottom line.

  • Improved internal communication

  • Increased independence of team members

  • More productive, proactive time for the leader

  • Improved performance and productivity

  • Reduced turnover and a greater pool of productive talent

Your ability to find and hire the best salespeople, then accurately evaluate their performances and motivate them, affects your team’s ability to succeed. Outstanding sales performance requires a realistic sales plan, including goals and the strategies for accomplishing them. Learn to effectively and supportively debrief your salespeople, grow your sales through networking, and manage a territory, while developing the best practices vital to managing, maintaining, and maximizing business with existing customers.


Karl Watson

Former President of CEMEX, USA

“What is coaching? Why is it important? How should coaching for a top performer differ from a mid-level or low-level performer? What does a good coaching session look and sound like? Most managers think they know the answers to these questions, but they really don’t. The Coach’s Playbook from Sandler offer the answers, and they are indispensable.”

The Coach's Playbook Curriculum

Coaching is a formal process that uses one-on-one meetings to help team members discover hidden issues that inhibit their performance. For coaching to be effective, the discovery process must focus on critical behavior modification, not the imparting of new skills. Every coaching session should have a strategy or game plan designed to achieve the desired result.

Coaching fails when one or both participants enter the session spontaneously with no goal or plan for success. Contrary to popular belief and practice, effective coaching is not just “showing them how to do it.” Your people can learn to succeed when you develop a coach’s playbook for maximizing their performance!

In this Chapter, you will learn the importance of coaching and why managers must use coaching to help team members grow. This Chapter also covers the Sandler coaching philosophy and shows how it is integrated into a larger commitment to leadership.

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