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The Contrarian Salesperson

A parable for non-traditional selling

Real People, Real Stories of Success

Your compulsively readable primer on the eight elements of non-traditional selling.

In this book you will learn how to sell more and sell more easily by doing the opposite of what your prospects expect without looking like a stereotypical salesperson.

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An inspiring business parable that will forever change the way you look at selling.

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Eight powerful principles that ensure you will stand out from the competition.

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Based on field-tested consultative selling principles.

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An easy-to-read parable about a struggling salesperson and his journey to sales success.

Jody Williamson

About the Author

Jody Williamson is a Certified Sandler trainer located in Chicago and Northbrook, Illinois, and brings over 25 years of real world sales, management and training experience to his clients. His strong belief and conviction is evident in all areas of his business and its successful training programs and consulting engagements.

Jody and his team are dedicated to working with business owners, principals, sales managers, salespeople and non selling professionals to give them the behaviors, attitudes and techniques to reach their full potential in sales.