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Winning From Failing

Build and Lead a Corporate Learning Culture for High Performance

Bring the practical side of training to life

Josh Seibert's new book, Winning From Failing: Build and Lead a Corporate Learning Culture for High Performance, shows company leaders how to harness the natural adult learning progression. His book shows sales leaders (and others) how to create, support, and sustain a workplace learning culture that measurably improves performance. Launching such a culture always starts with top management's recognition that it is okay, even essential, for people to fail...within clearly defined boundaries.

How to leverage the natural adult learning progression

  • Discover the keys to teaching new concepts with productive results.
  • Find out why so many learning initiatives deliver mediocre or negative results.
  • Understand the power of failures in the learning process and why we need them to succeed.
  • Create and sustain a workplace learning culture.

How can managers keep from slipping into "rescue mode" — and support their people in becoming truly self-sufficient?

To find out, download this FREE sample chapter from Josh Seibert's breakthrough book, Winning From Failing: Build and Lead a Corporate Learning Culture for High Performance.

Josh Seibert

About the Author

JOSH SEIBERT has built over 30 years of expertise in the sales and sales management arena. He began by completing a very successful 20-year career in the insurance and financial services industry. In 1999 he joined the Sandler organization and opened his training center in the heart of the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina. Josh is very well known and highly respected as the authority and expert in his field. He has written many articles for business magazines and news periodicals. He has been heard for over 10 years hosting business radio shows and is a sought after Key Note speaker.

Winning From Failing in the Press


How to Design a Culture That Values Experiments, Failure, (and Winning in the Long Run)

July 2, 2017 - by Martin Zwilling

Even the most successful businesses today have had to learn from failures. And everyone agrees that establishing and maintaining a company-wide learning culture is not so easy. Designing a learning culture that values experiments, failure, and winning in the long run requires an ongoing commitment and effort from top executives and leaders at every level.

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