Retail Success in an Online World

Retail Success in an Online World

How to compete and win in the Amazon era.

If technology and economy shifts are affecting your retail sales, learn how to capture and keep loyal, happy clients while successfully competing against the online world.


Rob Fishman

Rob Fishman possesses a varied business and management background gained over 35 years in the fields of retail, the performing arts, consulting, and training. He holds a degree in Fine Arts, and is the former president of a successful retail jewelry firm based in New York. Today, as a sales training expert, keynote speaker, and sales management and leadership consultant, Rob shares his passion for mentoring people and helping them to reach their full potential. He has helped firms large and small, in more than 50 industries, to significantly improve their sales and business results through Sandler Training’s unique process of reinforcement training and attitudinal and behavioral change.


A Real Breakthrough

“Using the principles Rob shared with us, our closing rate in face-to-face interactions with prospective customers has risen by 25%, and the deals we are closing are larger. We’re doing a better job of qualifying, we’re disengaging from people who were just going to buy online anyway, and we’re focused on adding value to the people who really are looking for a partner..”

Michael Lichtenstein | Owner and Principal Designer The Lighting Gallery

The definitive resource

Can face-to-face retailers succeed in an online world? Yes!

  • Part 1: Take control of the prospectDirect and nurturing interaction with a customer or prospect is a critical part of a tested and repeatable in-person selling process. 
  • Part 3: Nurture and engage for retentionNever to be entirely replaced by a mouse-click or online experience, retail continues to be part of the shopping landscape. 
  • Part 2: Follow a proven “no-pressure” selling processSupport someone facing a problem through in-person guidance to create a successful purchase outcome. 
  • Part 4: Best practices for in-store interactionsEnsure your visitors are receptive to working with you in-person by harnessing the basic human need for personalized interaction. 



With all the technological and economic shifts leading to significant change in the world of retailing, it’s important to understand what really works — as well as what really doesn’t — in the current retail selling environment. Surviving and thriving in this market means not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectations. In this book, you learn what makes that possible: a nurturing relationship…combined with a tested, repeatable, zero-pressure sales process.



Succeed in the Online World.

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