The Right Hire

The Right Hire

A proven model for hiring success in any industry.

An easy to read blend of actionable information.

The cost of the typical bad hire can cost a company up to ten times the person’s annual salary. Given the exceptionally high stakes, organizations need a clear, proven process to follow in this area. All too often, there is no such process.


Lisette Howlett

Lisette Howlett is a licensed Sandler Trainer with fifteen years of global change leadership and business development experience. She is frequently invited in by company leaders to support them with strategy, business development, and recruiting/retention issues. Her experience includes financial services, new technology, pharma/biotech, manufacturing, IT, media, and professional services.


Hire success in any industry.

” Howlett’s book seamlessly adapts the world-famous Sandler management and communication principles to the world of hiring and retention. It will save you and your organization time, expense, and, last but not least, the drama that always seems to accompany a bad hire. Read it!”

Paul Armstrong, Founder | HERE/FORTH, London and Los Angeles

The definitive resource for company leaders who have made a bad hire, regretted it, and then wished to not make the same expensive mistake again.

  • Offers a clear seven-step process for reducing the number of bad hires and lowering turnover in key positions.
  • Helps leverage current employees as brand ambassadors and recruiting allies.
  • Provides proven best practices for recruiting and retention based on the world-famous Sandler management principles.



Regardless of the industry or the company in question, talent is the ultimate resource … yet it remains the resource today’s organizations are likeliest to mismanage. In The Right Hire, Lisette Howlett not only shares a proven system for attracting the very best people to your organization, but also offers important insights on holding on to those people once they’re on the team. The seven-step process she shares here has been tested in multiple industries over a period of decades. It works.



Attract and retain the best people.

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