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Employee Assessment and Talent Analytic Tools

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Employee assessments are a powerful tool that can simplify the hiring process, enable employee development, and support long-term organizational growth. 

You depend on your people to drive your company’s mission and purpose. Who you hire, how you develop them, and how you care for your culture are THE MOST important decisions you can make for the future of your business.

  • Select candidates who perform better, stay longer and fit your company culture
  • Provide new hires with a road map for success.
  • Get a holistic understanding of group strengths and weaknesses.
  • Foster engaged and skilled salespeople that drive your business forward.
  • Learn why employees choose to leave and get actionable next steps to improve retention.

Measure your candidates with proven tools.

Incorporating Harver reports into the interview helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate as it relates to the specific roles they are applying for.

  • An Overall Match Score highlights the fit between the individual and the job.
  • Percentile ranking to others who recently completed assessments for the same job.
  • How well they fit for industry standard competencies.
  • Interview questions that are targeted to the individual’s development areas.
  • Ability to Succeed Match to other roles.

How it works…

The great reps and make sure you’re putting them in the proper roles.

The top factors for predicting a quota achiever are ambition and drive. Where there is a will, there is a way. We know this because we’ve tested hundreds of thousands of sales reps.

From there, we divide the salesperson’s skillsets into those required for demand generation or fulfillment and those required for long or short sales cycles. Whether you need Account Managers, Inside Sales, or Hunters, our Four Quadrant Sales Assessment will measure and predict their best seat on your team.

Let the Harver Selection Assessment provide you the information you need to hire great reps and make sure you’re putting them in the proper roles.

Outmatch Sales Quadrant

Harver assessments help you hire the right people, drive career growth, and develop future leaders.

Harver helps you put a strategy around these decisions. By truly understanding your candidates, your culture, and the underlying behaviors that drive employee success, you can expect to see an average workforce transformed into a high-growth, high-performance company.

The transformation begins by infusing behavioral data and predictive models into your talent strategy. Harvers predictive talent and culture analytics fully equip you to make the best possible decisions about your people, from hiring and development to leadership and culture.

Harver reports will help you identify 32 different behavioral competencies and where each person ranks for them. These competencies can then used to determine suitability for job fit, performance improvement plans, future training, and advancement potential

Outmatch Assesment_Resize Finding the Right People

Use Harver Assessments to measure the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to succeed.

Make life easier for hiring teams by arming them with the data they need to make great hiring decisions quickly.

Developing Yourself

Great leaders start with themselves. Use Harver Assessments to take an X-ray of yourself – highlighting the strengths that you can harness and grow as well as areas for development focus.

Understand the different skills you will need to deploy in different roles to take control of your own development and career track.

Developing Your People

Increase employee performance and engagement. Reduce ramp-up time and power employee’ career growth with individualized development

Treating people as individuals and adjusting your approach accordingly pays dividends in their productivity, motivation, engagement and retention.

Developing your organization

Being able to X-ray whole teams or your whole organization supports organization development across a myriad of people-related activities from human capital planning to downsize, from developing your talent now to preparing for the skills of the future. Without data, this exercise will lack the precision required for organizational excellence.

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