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The Sales Enablement Challenge

Playbooks make it easy for your salespeople to perform optimally at each stage of your sales process, and up the odds of winning more often.

Do you or your sales team struggle with:

  • Getting consistency and predictability in your sales process?
  • Remembering all the steps in the selling process when you are on a call?
  • Having the whole team perform the like the top salesperson?
  • Pre-briefing or debriefing calls with specific goals and agendas?

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The Sandler Playmaker for contains sales tactics, strategies, scripts, and training templates for salespeople to use directly in their stream of work. The online collection of best practices serves as your guide to planning, making, and debriefing sales conversations. The Playmaker is a Salesforce add-on that combines Sandler’s best practices with your sales process.

Sales Enablement Excellence

By having access to Sandler deal management best practices and tools customized to your business, your new hires can immediately execute the best way to sell at your company. Your salespeople and managers can collaborate to consistently utilize your best practices and tools at each stage of your sales process to initiate, advance, and close specific leads and deals.

Sales Skill and Salesforce Mastery

An inescapable reality of the working world is that we can’t expect our people to be great at everything. Here’s another: At some point, if people don’t have experience or guidance as they enter a new situation, and can’t get it, they will make up the best answer they can. It won’t always be the right answer.

Support your team’s growth with a virtual playbook which:

  • Is customizable and continuously updated.
  • Includes demonstration videos, roles play, images, or other audio-visual examples.
  • Collects as many playbooks or play cards as you like with no additional charges.
  • Saves genius attacks and distributes them straight to the frontlines.

As a leader, you must recognize that it’s sometimes going to be a challenge for any one individual to master everything necessary in a short amount of time. And you must make the transition to mastery as easy as possible.

You can’t answer every question personally, and you shouldn’t try. Your goal as a leader must be to create and support teams that are self-sufficient. That means you must give your people the tools, resources, and insights they need to become as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.

The Solution

Find out how to enable all your reps and managers to consistently apply deal, conversation, and forecast management best practices at each stage of your sales process with Sandler Playmaker for

  • Consistently execute your sales process
  • Leverage team-wide best practices
  • Standardize sales messaging
  • Access the right tool at the right time
  • Benefit from deal-specific coaching
  • Improve key deal visibility
  • Reinforce training
  • Easily build multiple playbooks based on the world’s leading sales methodology

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Perform optimally at each stage of your sales process, and up the odds of winning more often.

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