Sandler Rule #17: Salespeople Get Paid To Work in Adverse Conditions


This Sandler rule underscores the importance of setting expectations and fostering mutual fit, enabling sales teams to thrive even in challenging circumstances through practice and principled execution.

Salespeople navigate both good and bad news: while they’re essential for tackling tough conversations and prospecting calls, they’re also pushed out of their comfort zones as sales rarely come easy. This reality necessitates mental preparation to understand that their worth lies in handling difficult tasks.

Despite the mental strain and potential rejection, successful sales professionals command higher pay due to the hazardous nature of their work. They must adapt to adverse conditions, much like athletes performing in challenging environments.

Embracing this Sandler rule entails setting proper expectations, fostering a mutual fit, and practicing principled execution to thrive amidst adversity. By discussing and applying this principle, sales teams cultivate resilience, enhancing their ability to navigate the hazardous path to success.

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