Sandler Rule #19: The Strength of Your Conviction is Proportional to the Size of Your Pipeline


The Sandler Rule underscores the vital link between sales conviction and pipeline strength.

Desperation breeds “commission breath”, alienating prospects. Conversely, confidence empowers salespeople to ask tough questions, disqualify unfit leads, and negotiate effectively.

A strong conviction drives proactive engagement, ensuring a pipeline filled with quality opportunities. Embracing this principle fosters a culture of confidence within sales teams, enhancing pipeline management and lead qualification.

Discussion and application of this rule can optimize sales processes, leading to improved outcomes.

Discuss this rule with your sales team and think about how you can apply it in your sales process. Find the book, How To Sell To The Modern Buyer, at Amazon or and subscribe to our channel, Sandler Worldwide, for the rest of the Sandler Rules!

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