Sandler Rule #20: Time Kills All Deals


The Sandler Rule underscored here is “Time Kills All Deals,” a fundamental principle that underscores the importance of swift action in sales.

In the fast-paced world of sales, timing is everything. Securing the right person at the right time is crucial for success. Delaying action can lead to missed opportunities as decision-makers move on or become accustomed to their pain points.

Shockingly, more than 50% of B2B sales processes end without a decision, emphasizing the need for prompt action. While prospecting and securing deals require diligence, maintaining a structured process and adhering to the right behaviors are equally essential.

Without a systematic approach, procrastination can lead to missed opportunities. By embracing and implementing the Sandler Rule within sales teams, businesses can refine their sales processes and maximize their chances of success.

Additionally, the Sandler Summit in Orlando offers a platform for sales professionals to refine their skills alongside industry experts, further reinforcing effective sales strategies.

Discuss this rule with your sales team and think about how you can apply it in your sales process. Find the book, How To Sell To The Modern Buyer, at Amazon or and subscribe to our channel, Sandler Worldwide, for the rest of the Sandler Rules!

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