Sandler Rule #21: SW4


The Sandler Rule underscores SW4, also known as “Some Will, Some Won’t. So What? Someone’s Waiting,” emphasizes the importance of resilience in sales. It reminds sales professionals that not everyone they approach will be interested in their product or service, but that’s okay.

Instead of dwelling on rejections, the rule encourages focusing on the next opportunity because there are always prospects who could benefit from what you offer.

It highlights the need to maintain a positive mindset and keep moving forward in the sales process, continuously seeking out those who are open to a conversation and potential collaboration.

Additionally, the Sandler Summit in Orlando offers a platform for sales professionals to refine their skills alongside industry experts, further reinforcing effective sales strategies.

Discuss this rule with your sales team and think about how you can apply it in your sales process. Find the book, How To Sell To The Modern Buyer, at Amazon or and subscribe to our channel, Sandler Worldwide, for the rest of the Sandler Rules!

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