Sandler Rule #9: Save Something For The Presentation


Lesson number nine emphasizes the importance of strategically “saving something for the presentation” in the sales process. To implement this guideline effectively, you should adopt a structured approach by prioritizing the discovery phase before diving into the presentation.

Begin by conducting a comprehensive discovery early on in the interaction with the buyer. This involves skillfully posing questions to understand critical aspects such as their budget, specific needs, and decision-making processes. By engaging in thorough discovery, you are arming yourself with invaluable insights that will inform and shape your subsequent presentation. This knowledge allows you to tailor your solutions precisely to the buyer’s requirements, demonstrating a keen understanding of their unique situation.

When you finally reach the presentation stage, focus on conveying information that directly addresses the identified needs of the buyer.

This approach ensures that you are not overwhelming them with irrelevant details but instead providing targeted solutions that resonate with their concerns. It’s essential to contrast this approach with the common mistake made by many salespeople – presenting too early in an attempt to build immediate interest.

This premature presentation often involves guesswork about the buyer’s preferences and can lead to missed opportunities. In contrast, by adhering to the principle of conducting thorough discovery before the presentation, you position yourself strategically to win the deal.

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