The 3-Super Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs


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The most common definitions of an entrepreneur note that an entrepreneur creates a new business and reaps most of the rewards but also takes on most of the risks. With that in mind, when you start a new business, yes, even a Sandler Training Franchise, you become an entrepreneur. There are plenty of lists out there sharing the characteristics, traits, or qualities of a successful entrepreneur. These lists include creativity, risk-taking, make the big decisions, self-confident, open-mindedness, insightful, knowledgeable, hard-working, and goal oriented among many others. My experience tells me that all of these can fall into 3-Super qualities.

Super Quality #1 – Passion

They have a strong emotional enthusiasm to be successful.  The mere process of building a new venture into something successful excites the true entrepreneur.  This passion drives them and provides the energy needed for success. Passion keeps the entrepreneur in a “can do” mindset which allows them to tap into their energy reserves and keep going, much like the Energizer® Bunny. Passion drives them to learn more of what they need, whether it be technical in nature or market analysis. Strong emotional enthusiasm provides the energy needed to start and build a business to be successful.  Thinking of starting your own business?  Do a gut check and rate your passion on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being low and 10 being the highest.  Anything less than a 9 might be a red flag and require more self-introspection to determine if you will be a successful entrepreneur.

Super Quality #2 – Commitment

When I refer to commitment, I mean to bind yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially to make your new business a success.  By the way, without passion you will never be unconditionally committed. Now that you have the passion, are you willing and able to do whatever it takes (within legal, moral, and ethical standards) to be successful? When you start a new business, you are engaged in all aspects of the business, some you will enjoy and others you find to be not so enjoyable.  Success demands that you commit to all the roles and behaviors needed to get your business off the ground and on the trajectory toward success. Very few business start-ups have the luxury of being fully funded and having a full staff.  In the beginning, the entrepreneur does most of it until they are able to hire people or to outsource functions. As you consider starting a business make a list of all the functions that will need to be done.  Ask yourself, “Am I unconditionally committed to do what ever it takes to ensure these functions get completed?”  If not, you might have discovered another red flag to deal with.

Super Quality #3 – Discipline

Discipline is the ability of self-control to do what you say you need to do, when you need to do it, to accomplish the goals you have set.  While unconditional commitment ensures that we are willing and able to do whatever it takes, discipline is required to make sure it gets done! To give yourself a better shot to actually do what needs done, create a process to get the various functions accomplished. This will bring structure and stability to building a successful business. Something that has always helped me with the discipline to do what I didn’t necessarily like to do is the “Green Bean Theory.”

The Green Bean Theory and Entrepreneurship

When I was growing up, I didn’t like green beans.  And of course, nearly every meal I would find green beans on my plate.  I found that if I waited to eat them last, I dreaded having to eat them which didn’t allow me to truly enjoy the foods I liked.  And, by the end of the meal they were always cold which made them taste worse.  If I ate my green beans first, they were still warm and didn’t taste as bad, and I was able to enjoy the rest of my meal without dread.  When it comes to the discipline of getting the functions you do not enjoy, do them first! Eat your green beans first and your path to success will be more enjoyable.

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