Sandler Partners With The Influence Board to Facilitate and Promote “Purpose-Driven” Sales Engagement

Sandler announces partnership with The Influence Board.

OWINGS MILLS, MD – March 27, 2023 –  Sandler and The Influence Board (TIB) today announced a partnership to empower sales professionals with innovations in sales engagement that leverage new realities in corporate social responsibility that dramatically improve access to business decision makers.

Sandler is one of the leading sales training and performance improvement companies in the world. This new partnership will facilitate Sandler’s continuing work to promote the core values defined by their founder, David Sandler.

The Influence Board provides sales professionals the ability to quickly secure pre-qualified, exploratory meetings with hard-to-access business leaders in return for meaningful donations to corporate approved charities.

“We chose to partner with The Influence Board because their platform allows sales professionals to accelerate collaborative dialogue with target prospects in a way that benefits the community and starts the relationship on a positive note,” said David Mattson, CEO of Sandler.

“These facilitated interactions contribute to our organization’s culture of continuing to evolve sales strategies to adapt to the modern buyer. Incorporating a social impact in the buying process is an evolution that is here to stay,” Mattson said.

Jay Allen, the CEO of The Influence Board, has founded numerous networks of influential business leaders over the past 20 years – all built on relationships of trust.

“Securing the initial meeting is often the most difficult part of the sales process. We worked with the hardest-to-access business leaders to come to agreement on the ideal way to get in their doors – the process that they would actively participate in and endorse.”

“Sandler is a well-regarded organization and industry leader, so we are pleased to have them join us in encouraging purpose-driven sales processes – especially when those processes can significantly out-perform traditional sales engagement methods,” Allen said.


About Sandler

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About The Influence Board

The Influence Board is a platform designed to empower business leaders to have greater social impact, and exposure to innovation, via a tightly controlled meeting request process. Business leaders can establish a value for their time, choose worthy causes to support, then take approved meetings with the meeting value donated to charity. Learn more at