How to Succeed at Identifying Blind Spots

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How to Succeed at Identifying Blind Spots

By Sandler Training in Professional Development

Don’t miss the new online course: Building a Bulletproof Business available at this episode CEO and President of Sandler, Dave Mattson, explains how blind spots hold us back, how to find them, and how to fix them to get your business where you want it to be.

  • Everyone has blind spots and it can be hard to admit the ones we have
  • You can have an organizational, departmental and individual blind spot
  • How to fix learned helplessness and create self-sufficiency
  • Some details on the Building a Bulletproof Business online course
  • The reason we all need a coach
  • The 13 blind spots we may have
  • How to create a playbook for your team and why you need one even if you people have years of experience
  • The mantra Dave Mattson lives by in seeking out his blind spots

Great sales teams start with great sales managers

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