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The Sales Coach's Playbook

Breaking the performance code

Learn the proven 7-step coaching process

The bestselling, definitive playbook for effective sales coaching, based on proven principles of the Sandler Selling System.

This book is written and designed for managers and coaches who...

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Have had enough of "lack luster" under-motivated teams.

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Want to dramatically improve their coaching skills to better team performance.

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Want to implement professional growth strategies that actually get results.

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Get an overview of coaching practices from an award-winning Sandler trainer, and a discussion of the situations where they are most likely to be useful. 

Bill Bartlett

About the Author

Bill Bartlett is the founder and president of Corporate Strategies & Solutions Inc., a Sandler training center. He is a critically-acclaimed coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core challenges and implementing growth strategies that are transformative in their depth. Bill has a client list spanning from small companies to the Fortune 500. As an accomplished executive coach, Bill also works with Fortune 1000 CEOs, professional athletes (PGA, Major League Baseball) and actors in Hollywood. With over 40 years of experience, Bill helps clients increase productivity and profit by developing high performance behaviors, winning attitudes and superior sales and management techniques.

The Sales Coach's Playbook in the Press

High Performance Salespeople

The Inner Game of Sales

June 2016 - Sales & Service Excellence Essentials by Bill Bartlett 

All sales professionals understand that sales is a game, and like any game, it is played in the mind as well as on a eld. Its external form is packed with strategies and tactics while its internal component re ects the beliefs and baggage that either support or hinder success. To maximize potential and achievement, the salesperson must excel at both controlling the internal aspect and executing its external one. 

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True Leadership

The Leadership Challenge

June 2, 2016 - The-CEO-Magazine by Bill Bartlett

During my twenty-two years as a training/development consultant and executive coach, I have interacted with thousands of CEOs who represent businesses that are diverse both in size and function. Most are quite adept at getting the job done as they define it, however, they seem to focus on just one aspect of leadership.

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