Negotiating from the Inside Out

Negotiating from the Inside Out

A Playbook for
Business Success 

Overcome the inner obstacles to successful negotiations that everyone faces
Master the simple three-step process that leads to successful outcomes
in virtually any negotiating situation.
  • How to overcome internal obstacles.

  • How to master the skill of negotiating.

  • How to deliver a positive outcome even when you are facing stressful negotiation situations.

  • How to anticipate your counterpart's likely moves.

  • How to strengthen your position, and plan your own moves as early as possible.

  • Twelve classic gambits top negotiators are likely to throw your way and how to respond.

A Real Breakthrough.

"Whether we are doing it personally or professionally, we are all negotiating every day…and most of us are not doing it well. Negotiating From the Inside Out is a well written playbook that provides the guiding principles and techniques you need to become a master negotiator"

Dale Bottcher, EVP, Global Sales & Marketing, AVI-SPL

Clint Babcock Summit Speaker
[AUTHOR] Clint Babcock
With over 25 years of sales, leadership, and negotiation experience, Clint Babcock has worked with senior executives at companies in a wide range of industries to help them strategically build their sales forces. A Sandler-certified trainer, he has helped hundreds of sales teams and thousands of salespeople to improve performance and retain margin. His career background includes top performances in sales, negotiating, business development, operations, and training and development. He has a degree in Finance, and takes pride in keeping himself, his clients, and his students numbers-focused.

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