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The Virtual Playbook PRO

An online flipbook of your organizations best practices.

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How are you collecting best practices?

Consider that professional sports teams have playbooks that they provide every single player – whether those are players who are brand new to the organization, or players who are being paid tens of millions of dollars and who have years and years of experience. The team gives them all the same playbook. Why? To make sure that they’re all (literally) on the same page when it’s time to execute.

Do you or your sales team struggle with:

  • Getting consistency and predictability in your sales process?
  • Remembering all the steps in the selling process when you are on a call?
  • Having the whole team perform the like the top salesperson?
  • Pre-briefing or debriefing calls with specific goals and agendas?

Blind Spot #7 – Not Capturing Best Practices

“I’m often asked to identify a single “blind spot” that keeps leaders from growing their businesses aggressively. One that’s particularly common is the failure to collect best practices and assemble them in a regularly updated ‘playbook’.”

The Sandler Sales Playbook contains sales tactics, strategies, scripts, and training templates for salespeople in any role or industry. The online collection of best practices serves as your guide to planning, making, and debriefing sales conversations. The Virtual Playbook is a digital flipbook for practicing and executing calls, role plays, and other sales processes.

Ease the Transition to Mastery

An inescapable reality of the working world is that we can’t expect our people to be great at everything. Here’s another: At some point, if people don’t have experience or guidance as they enter a new situation, and can’t get it, they will make up the best answer they can. It won’t always be the right answer.

Support your team’s growth with a virtual playbook which:

  • Is customizable and continuously updated.
  • Includes demonstration videos, roles play, images, or other audio-visual examples.
  • Collects as many playbooks or play cards as you like with no additional charges.
  • Saves genius attacks and distributes them straight to the frontlines.

As a leader, you must recognize that it’s sometimes going to be a challenge for any one individual to master everything necessary in a short amount of time. And you must make the transition to mastery as easy as possible.

You can’t answer every question personally, and you shouldn’t try. Your goal as a leader must be to create and support teams are self-sufficient. That means you must give your people the tools, resources, and insights they need to become as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.

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Sandler’s Virtual Playbook PRO

The Virtual Playbook can be your team’s guide to practicing, growing, and improving towards sales mastery with the Sandler Selling System. The easy-to-use web application can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and on any device.

  • Do a 2-minute pre-call plan in the car before your next meeting.
  • Have your No-Pressure Prospecting Call script in front of you as you make your next dial.
  • Walk through the best practices with your sales manager or coach after a win or a loss.

Personalize Your Playbook

The best part of Sandler’s Virtual Playbook is that each user gets to make it their own. You can add your notes to each card and leave reminders for yourself for future calls. Make every card work for your day-to-day reality!

Share with the Team

With the PRO version, you can write your processes, playbooks, and scripts! Use this digital scriptwriter to document and distribute your own best practices, product knowledge, call scripts, and cadence. You can easily write a new process and push it live to your team in the field. In a matter of minutes, your team on the ground or in the call center is seeing and using your new messages.

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The journey to success starts where you are, and it starts today!

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