Leadership Blind Spot – Not Capturing Best Practices

Not Capturing Best Practices

Dive into the thirteen blind spots many organization leaders will battle at one point. In this series, our president & CEO, Dave Mattson, will provide guidance on how you can overcome these challenges.

Today we’re gonna be talking about the failure to capture best practices. In my mind this is one of the easiest things that we can do, but it’s one of the largest blind spots that any of us have. We’re constantly trying to conquer how do I make something better. It’s in each one of our DNA as far as being an entrepreneur or a leader, but what’s not in our DNA is to capture what those best practices are.

Every time that we do let’s say a seminar where we’ve got thousands of people showing up, we created a playbook because anyone in the organization should be able to open up that book and say these are the things we have to do six months out, three months out, four months out, the day of, the day after communication. That way every single time we have a genius attack we get better and better and better and better. It’s not that difficult to do and you don’t have to do it at once. These are little play books that can grow over time.

Ask yourself this to see if you have this blind spot. Could you write down or could you ask your management team to show you the best practices for you fill in the blank. It could be onboarding people, could be coaching, having difficult conversations, product roll out, whatever the case may be. This is really important for any organization if you want to help people that just joined the organization act as if they’ve been here for 25 years, but why re-invent the wheel? Why? Every time I’m in to a company and we have one of the V-8 moments where you hear somebody in the management team say, “We should have remembered that. We did that mistake last year. I don’t know why we repeated it.” That’s a good symptomatic response to we don’t have a playbook. It’s easy for you to capture. It takes less than a half an hour. We at Sandler have playbooks in every major category, the things that we do every single day.

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