Sandler Rule #14: You Don’t Have to Like Prospecting; You Just Have to Do It


In this rule, Sandler delves into the pivotal role of prospecting in sales, underscoring its indispensable nature for business success with Sofia.

They stress the significance of maintaining a consistent commitment to prospecting activities, irrespective of personal preferences or immediate outcomes. While acknowledging the reluctance some may feel towards prospecting, the hosts assert its necessity in laying the foundation for a thriving enterprise. They challenge the authenticity of individuals professing to love prospecting, positing that genuine enjoyment may be a rarity among those actively engaged in the process.

This concludes with a call to action for sales professionals to persist in prospecting, embrace discomfort, and apply these principles, with the option of seeking guidance from Sandler coaches for enhanced success.

Sandler highlights effective sales hinge on consistent prospecting. This process involves identifying, engaging, and converting potential clients into customers.

Even during successful periods, maintaining consistent prospecting is crucial due to the nonlinear nature of the sales cycle. Overcoming the discomfort associated with prospecting, especially the fear of rejection, is essential.

Sandler reminds salespeople that rejection is inherent in the process, emphasizing each call’s value as an opportunity to learn and improve. This challenges the myth that only those who claim to love prospecting are successful, advocating for an authentic and disciplined approach tailored to individual preferences.

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