Sandler Rule #8: Sell Like You Don’t Need The Business


In the realm of sales, you should adopt a mindset that suggests you don’t need the business. Embrace the notion that you are independently wealthy, not reliant on immediate monetary gains or specific deals. This mindset enables you to approach sales calls with a sense of financial security, allowing you to focus on achieving your financial, company, and commission goals.

As you step into negotiations, keep in mind that without this particular account, you can still make informed decisions about whether to move forward with a client. Assess whether they align with your idea of a profitable account and if the deal is genuinely in the best interest of the buyer.

When you genuinely believe that you don’t need the business, you gain the power to walk away from negotiations that won’t favor you. This mindset shift empowers you to concentrate on assisting the buyer in making the best decision possible, which lies at the core of successful sales.

Remember the rule: act as if you’re financially independent and don’t need the business.

This doesn’t mean you don’t want it; rather, it signifies that you aren’t desperate for it. This approach transforms the dynamic between buyer and seller, fostering a relationship built on equality. Both parties recognize that the sale isn’t a forced transaction, creating a higher regard and rapport. It’s essential to understand that not every potential client will say yes, and not everyone in need of coaching or practice will embrace it.

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