2023 Virtual Summit

Sandler 2023 Virtual Summit

Sandler 2023 Virtual Summit

The Evolution of Sales Intelligence
October 11, 2023 (11am ET | 8am PT to 3pm ET | 12pm PT)

From the disruption of modern selling to AI innovations in aligning buyers and sellers, join us for this one-day event packed with insights and best practices from various industries.


Event Host

Mike Montague | VP of Community Engagement


Featured Speakers

David Mattson | Sandler CEO and President

Running to Stand Still – Change at Exponential Speed in Sales

The buyer’s journey now relies heavily on digital spaces, making prospect outreach more challenging than ever. Lagging in technology could result in losing customers to tech-driven competitors. Equip yourself with the strategies and tech insights needed to stay ahead.


Michael Norton | Sandler EVP of Enterprise Sales

AI and the Art of the (Human-to-Human) Conversation

In this evolving sales landscape, AI has become a game-changer. However, its reach can’t eclipse the value of genuine human dialogue. Learn how to harness AI’s power while preserving the essence of authentic buyer-seller interactions.


Jordan Ledwein | Sales-Focused AI Automation Professional and Sandler Trainer

Why Salespeople Fail and What Can AI Do About It

On average, sales professionals spend just around 32% of their time actually selling. The rest dissipates in non-revenue generating activities. Is your selling process caught in manual inefficiencies? Learn how to integrate Sandler’s methods with HubSpot’s AI and automation for an efficient sales approach.


Emily Yepes | Sandler Trainer and Practitioner

Modern Prospecting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Your toolkit for prospecting might have worked in the past, but the dynamic shifts in the buyer’s journey and technological leaps mean it’s time for an upgrade. Discover the techniques that are hitting the mark today—and which ones have fallen behind.


Chris McDonell | Sandler Trainer and Practitioner

Strategies for Success: Sales Leadership vs. Reporting the News

In the agile business climate of today, excelling as a sales leader goes beyond meeting quotas. The role requires an acute understanding of market trends, pipeline metrics, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. Learn how to guide your team to success without compromising organizational integrity.