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Sandler Research Center

Capturing opinions and perceptions regarding today’s most impactful selling issues

Sandler has partnered with Top Sales World to deliver tangible value and make a difference in the fast-changing world of sales. The unique synergy of these two organizations will provide critical insight and direction to commercial organizations across the globe. 

valuable and actionable information for the global sales community

Serving sales leaders and organizational stakeholders who continuously wrestle with challenging issues

Sandler and Top Sales World’s global reach creates a significant research authority that addresses the dynamics of selling today and into the future. The results will provide a snapshot of best practices shared by the most successful organizations.

The unique synergy

Sandler is the largest sales, management and leadership development company in the world. 

Top Sales World is the most significant global community dedicated exclusively to the profession of sales.

The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance

To provide critical insight and direction to organizations worldwide, Sandler Training, the largest sales, management and leadership training company in the world, has created the new Sandler Research Center. Our primary objective is to explore the dynamics of selling today, tomorrow, and into the future. We believe that this truly international initiative will deliver impactful research to the global sales community via the most relevant data available.

Our first survey, “The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance” focuses on what we believe are the 5 critical elements that drive success within a typical sales environment:  Strengths of Sales Leadership, Current Levels of Sales Achievement, Successful Utilization of Sales Technology, Commitment to Client Retention, and Effective Collaboration of Sales and Marketing Functions. 

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Please accept our invitation to participate in this substantial initiative, which will only require 10-15 minutes of your time. In return, we will provide exclusive access to a summary of our findings, affording you with the unique opportunity to benchmark your organization’s current performance levels versus the best of the best – and steal a march on your competitors!  
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Director of Research

Jonathan Farrington

Jonathan Farrington is a keynote speaker, business coach, mentor, author, consultant, and sales strategist, who has personally guided hundreds of companies and thousands of frontline salespeople and sales leaders towards optimum performance levels.

He is the CEO of JF Initiatives, the parent company of Top Sales World, Top Sales Magazine, The Global Sales Directory and The Sales Futurists.

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