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Leading Your Sales Team

It's more than just managing the numbers

You have great responsibility, some authority, and sometimes, frighteningly little control

Ultimately, You're the One Who's Accountable

Upper management sets goals, which you may have little or no voice in determining, or accepting.  However challenging or even unrealistic those goals may be, they now belong to you.

You must now rely on your sales team to achieve the goals you once achieved for yourself.

Your job is not to sell, it is to coach, mentor, motivate, and to hold others accountable.

Lead Your Team to Success

5 Secrets for Personal & Professional Growth

As a supervisor, coach or mentor, there are numerous opportunities each day to give—a helping hand, words of encouragement, advice or counsel. When you contribute to others, others contribute to you.  Learn five strategies you can do today that will positively impact those with whom you associate professionally.

Sandler trained sales managers:

  • Understand the requirement of the various roles they play and know when to assume each role and how to carry it out effectively

  • Know how to communicate clearly with their sales teams whether it’s during one-to-one conversations, coaching sessions, sales call debriefings, or group sales meetings

  • Know how to recognize and resolve conflicts quickly and effectively

  • Keep their teams focus and behaviors aligned with the tasks at hand and the achievement of corporate and department goals

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4 Lessons Learned from Taking the Coach Mentality over the Manager Mentality


You can't transform a team or an organization until you've transformed yourself. Sandler trainer Dave Arch's book, Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way, offers a user-friendly, graphically-driven guide to the 52 critical leadership lessons that support great careers and great teams. A full-color card deck supports the book.

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