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Why Sandler Salespeople Find Pain

By Sandler Training / October 30, 2020

As a sales trainer, I get a lot of pushback about the word “pain.” Many of my clients reason that there are many other motives to explain why people buy. There have been multiple instances where they were offended by the very word “pain” and its negative connotation and then asked if we can call…

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The TACTIC: Traffic cops keep it moving – you should, too

By Sandler Training / March 27, 2020

f you are not focused on keeping the customers you have and gaining more, then you will never succeed in sales to the level you thought possible.

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The TACTIC: Warm referrals from cold calls

By Sandler Training / March 19, 2020

Getting warm referrals from cold calls is as simple to do as asking for them — “If you were me, whom would you call?”

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The TACTIC: When selling, go for the top

By Sandler Training / March 12, 2020

About six months ago, Tim had done some research on firms in his sales territory and decided that The Hubble Group was a prime prospect. In the course of the research, he had obtained a publicly available corporate report which contained the names of all the company officers from the CEO down to the line managers.

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The TACTIC: When selling, go for the top

By Sandler Training / March 4, 2020

If your boss tells you to pay attention to what this salesperson is selling, you probably will. If someone two levels down tells you to pay attention to what this salesperson is selling, you’ll probably get around to it eventually. If you are the salesperson in question, which situation is better for you?

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The TACTIC: The bottom line of professional selling is going to the bank

By Sandler Training / February 27, 2020

There is nothing wrong with putting bigger and bigger commission checks in your bank account unless you’ve decided that your job is to meet quota.

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The TACTIC: Prospects who talk buy

By Sandler Training / February 20, 2020

When a prospect, or a customer, asks you a question about the product that goes beyond the basics, don’t answer the question. Instead, take the question and reverse it.

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The TACTIC: Never ask for a sale – make the prospect give it up

By Sandler Training / February 11, 2020

Prospects have been making salespeople give up increased commissions and sales for years… are you going to continue to help them?

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The TACTIC: A prospect who is listening is no prospect at all

By Sandler Training / February 5, 2020

Lulls in conversations are not bad, and there is no reason for you to fill them in.

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The TACTIC: Now that it’s over…

By Sandler Training / January 28, 2020

The TACTIC: Now that it’s over… Most people really want what they have been told they can’t have — especially qualified prospects.

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