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The TACTIC: Don’t you understand me?

By Sandler Training / June 12, 2018

Most of us are absolutely convinced that everything we say is crystal clear and that no one could ever misunderstand a single world—now did you read that as “word” or “world?”

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The TACTIC: You don’t know me, do you want to?

By Sandler Training / April 27, 2018

If you sound like the run-of-the-mill salesperson, you’ll be treated like the run-of-the-mill salesperson. Is this what you want?

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The TACTIC: Never ask why. Always ask what.

By Sandler Training / April 6, 2018

What you find out is more important than why you found it out.

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The TACTIC: Always. Never. Everyone.

By Sandler Training / March 29, 2018

Absolutes tend to have more exceptions than Swiss cheese has holes. Don’t accept them.

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The TACTIC: Are your saying…?

By Sandler Training / March 15, 2018

To really understand what someone means, not what you hope he means, ask for clarification.

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The TACTIC: Don’t be a hero in a group. Ever

By Sandler Training / March 8, 2018

Is your job to sell or rescue? Which one makes you money?

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The TACTIC: Get rapport, today

By Sandler Training / November 2, 2017

Establishing rapport with a prospect is the essential first step in any sales situation.

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The TACTIC: Buyers buy from themselves (Part 2).

By Sandler Training / October 11, 2017

Why not make it comfortable for your prospects to be with you? Enable them to have a really good conversation and thus you’ll be thought of as someone who really deserves the order.

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The TACTIC: Sales is not intellectual

By Sandler Training / September 28, 2017

Don’t sell. Do this instead; listen, question, listen some more, question some more, go to the bank. That’s being successful.

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The TACTIC: Buyers buy from themselves (Part 1).

By Sandler Training / September 28, 2017

Buyers will buy from people like themselves, so why not make them feel comfortable?

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