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5 Ways to Motivate Your Salespeople

By Joe Ippolito / December 6, 2018

If I asked a group of sales leaders, what motivates their salespeople, money is going to come up more often than not. And yes, money is important as it does pay the bills. And for some, money can be used as a scorecard. But are true high performers only motivated by money? If this were…

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Prepping Your Team for Change in 2019

By Dave Mattson / October 23, 2018

January is coming. As a leader, this may mean the implementation of strategically necessary change initiatives that affect the sales team in 2019, such as the restructuring of territories or the revision of the team comp plan. Technically, of course, there’s no reason these big changes couldn’t be rolled out in Q4 rather than Q1…

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Three Simple Tips for Setting Up the Right Strategic Prospecting Plan for Next Year… Right Now

By Dave Mattson / September 26, 2018

With Q4 upon us, it makes sense to start thinking carefully about what has worked – and what could be improved – in your prospecting plan this year. Here are three ideas to consider that have helped salespeople we’ve worked with to create better “cookbooks” (daily and weekly action plans) for effective prospecting. You may want to…

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Leading with Kindness: Building Mutually Respectful Relationships with Your Team

By Sandler Training / July 31, 2018

People will work much, much harder for their own reasons than they will ever work for your reasons. You, as a manager, have an obligation to find out exactly what those reasons are. And the very best way to do that is by leading with kindness. The key to a mutually respectful relationship with your team…

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How to Succeed at Being a Sales Leader [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / April 6, 2018

If you want a better team, become a better manager. Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training interview John Rosso, Sandler author and David H. Sandler award-winner, about effective sales leadership. What are the roles of a good leader? The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler Training, the…

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Why Invest Time in Success Coaching?

By Bill Bartlett / March 29, 2018

To answer the common question, “Why should I invest more time in coaching my sales team?” we must first define what we mean by “coaching.” Sales coaching is a formal process that uses one-on-one meetings to help salespeople achieve new levels of success by discovering hidden issues that inhibit their performance. Contrary to popular belief…

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4 Benefits of Investing in Employee Development

By Dave Mattson / March 13, 2018

Communication is important to a growing business and sales team, but that’s only part of the equation. Employee development is another key aspect for continued growth and success. While this topic is often incorporated into business plans, it’s commonly overlooked and bypassed in pursuit of other priorities. Below are four reasons why employee development should…

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Sales Leaders: Remove Mutual Mystification!

By Dave Mattson / December 28, 2017

As a manager, have you ever experienced any of these issues? Your salespeople’s calls don’t seem to have clear or actionable next steps with the buyer. Your internal meetings don’t have an agenda, and if they do, they get off track too often. There are no actionable next steps after sales meetings or in your…

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Rule #20: Mentor to a Success Profile

By Dave Mattson / August 23, 2017

Rule number 20. Mentor to a success profile. Create a success profile that people can grow into. Mentoring is where you’re going to spend five to 10% of your time. It’s a key aspect of leadership, but we don’t do it often enough, so you need a process for it. Don’t wing it. Don’t just…

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Rule 12: Manage Individuals; Lead a Team

By Dave Mattson / June 28, 2017

Get The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders in our online shop or purchase your Kindle version on Amazon. It is the definitive resource for effective sales leadership, based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System. Rule 12: Manage individuals; lead a team. There’s no substitute for personal attention. Listen, every human wants to be paid attention…

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