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What’s holding you back from success?

By Mike Montague / August 13, 2012

Here is the problem: 99% of people out there are already doing what they think is in their best interest. Of course, there’s the 1% who hate themselves and are self-sabotaging, but for the most part, you are probably doing right now, what you think is best. But why is that a problem? Well, if…

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Perception is the New Reality and Content is Dead

By Paul Lanigan / July 13, 2011

What happens when Joshua Bell, one of the world’s finest musicians goes incognito in a busy subway in Washington’s business district? What happens when a musician who can command $1,000 per minute, takes his priceless Stradivari, dons a baseball cap, occupies a corner in a busy Washington subway, and puts on a virtuoso performance for…

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Maintaining Sales Motivation: Why Do You Work?

By Sandler Training / November 10, 2010

Why? Why do we get up every day and go to work? Because we have bills to pay: Really? Listen to the news-not paying your bills is now as much a status symbol as a Gold Card in the 1980’s. Because that’s what is expected: Really? In most companies, the last time you saw your…

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When Wall Street and Main Street Intersect at My Street

By Sandler Training / September 14, 2010

The following summarizes what many salespeople have been saying as I’ve spoken with them this week, “Wow, it was hard to find buyers before all this financial mess and now it’s impossible … it’s killing me!” I get a sense that fear is strangling a major portion of the sales world. If you are able…

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Low Self-Esteem: 100% Fatal for Salespeople

By Sandler Training / July 19, 2010

Q: What’s the one thing a salesperson must avoid if they are to be successful? A: I study salespeople for a living. The majority of them don’t lose because of product inferiority, pricing excesses or poor sales technique. They lose because of low self-esteem! We all start out with perfect self-esteem. Ever met any three-year-olds…

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