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Professional and Financial Services

By Sandler Training / July 16, 2019

Non-selling professionals, bankers, insurance agents, and financial planners need sales skills to develop their portfolios and grow their income.

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Just give me the project: I’m technically brilliant!

By Sandler Training / May 8, 2015

People from all walks of life can be technically brilliant and do a great job if someone would “just give them the project.” Many consultants become consultants because they believe they can provide a better product or service and make more money than if they stayed working for a company.  It’s great to dream big…

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Banking Success: Transactions and Interactions

By Don Jones / May 7, 2013

Quick poll: When was the last time you stepped foot in your bank? From drive-through bank windows to more recent banking amenities like online banking and mobile apps, banks have practically been encouraging customers to stay away for years. Along with the conveniences for the customers, banks benefitted from less overhead and an increased focus…

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Building Better Business Developers in Professional Services

By Hamish Knox / February 11, 2013

The most common complaint we hear from the heads of professional services firms (lawyers, accountants, engineers, marketing or PR agencies) is that their people are technically brilliant, but have a serious aversion to business development. Totally understandable considering the training the majority of professionals receive relates directly to delivering services they provide (e.g. how to…

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Selling Isn’t Debate: Confessions of an Engineer in Sales.

By Chip Doyle / December 12, 2012

I used to be an engineer before I transferred into sales in 1988. I’m guessing you’ve heard jokes about engineers in sales. Accountants, contractors, PhD’s, and lawyers don’t have stellar reputations in sales, either. Yet these professions generally are an intelligent lot. They are quite skilled at what they do, since our daily lives may…

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