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Tarzan and the Elephants

By Sandler Training / December 31, 2012

My Mom was a funny lady and during my youth, she was constantly throwing riddles at me. Some of her riddles came in pairs and the pairs typically had a point. One such pair of riddles has been a huge lesson for me as I have gone through life. Here they are. Riddle 1: What did…

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By Sandler Training / December 14, 2012

Two weekends ago, I got to take my youngest daughter to a 4 year-old’s birthday party. I’d forgotten how elaborate some of these parties get, and this was a nice reminder. The parents of this little boy had hired an animal trainer to bring some critters and let the kids see them. The highlight of…

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The Three Truths in Every Sales Call

By Hamish Knox / November 9, 2012

Ask most salespeople to describe the purpose of each interaction with a prospect and they’ll probably say something like: “close ’em” “build the relationship” “educate them” “solve their problems” All good answers, but the real purpose of every interaction with a prospect is to get to the truth. What’s uncomfortable about getting the truth in…

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You Can’t Manage Time!

By Sandler Training / October 13, 2010

So much has been written in various sales training blogs about time management that you hardly have the time to read about it. There are numerous time management programs, processes and tools, and even with all this help, you still can’t manage time no matter how hard you try. There are 24 hours in a…

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Get Over It: Stop Fearing Rejection, Stop Seeking Approval, Start Prospecting

By Sandler Training / September 10, 2010

That’s a headline straight out of sales training boot camp, but it’s true. There is a question most people want answered when they go to a sales training program or read one of the many sales how-to books; that question sounds like this, “Is there really one secret weapon or magic formula to make me better and…

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