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Do You Have A Fear of Asking Questions During Sales?

By Chip Doyle / April 13, 2015

I spend about 80% of my time working with sales professionals to perfect their ability to structure the questions that need to be asked. They all understand the importance of asking questions but need some assistance in creating their own tailored versions. Salesmen often enjoy the exercise of deciphering which questions uncover the compelling reasons…

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Identity vs. Role

By Chip Doyle / March 13, 2013

Sandler Training has many novel approaches to selling. But back in 2000 when I started my sales training business, there was one topic in particular that I wasn’t expecting in a sales training curriculum. There was an entire section dedicated to insuring that salespeople’s self-identity was separate and distinct from their sales role. I figured…

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You can’t earn when you’re in “knowing” mode

By Hamish Knox / March 11, 2013

Salespeople could significantly increase their earnings if they stopped saying and believing “I know why.” The reality is that their “knowledge” is a guess created from vague statements from prospects (“we really like your presentation”) and clients (“your service is top-notch”) that salespeople leave unexplored because they don’t want to be “pushy”, “rock the boat”…

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Why Do Prospects and Salespeople Play Games?

By Sandler Training / November 1, 2012

Have you ever given thought to how people decide to buy a product or service? Consider yourself in this analogy – do you employ any of these strategies? We believe we have a need or we determine that we have a need for a product or service. With the Internet at our fingertips, we immediately…

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Are Your Customers Buying from Your Company or Your Salesperson?

By Mike Montague / October 10, 2012

The good and bad of relationship-based sales. The Good Relationship-based sales methods are ideal. Most of the time those relationships are the only thing protecting you from competing solely on price. In sales training, we have a saying: “All things being equal, people buy from people they like. All things being unequal, people still buy…

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Your Knowledge is Worthless… Until Someone Pays You For It.

By Mike Montague / October 2, 2012

In regards to your business, the expertise you have gained over the years is completely worthless… until someone gives you money for it. If you have a medical doctorate, all you really have is a bunch of student loans until you have patients, and get paid for your knowledge. From your potential client’s perspective, John…

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Games Prospects Play

By Hamish Knox / July 27, 2012

Prospects like to play games with salespeople. The purpose of games prospects play is to make a salesperson feel not-OK. When a salesperson feels not-OK in front of a prospect, they are more likely to give up their time and information in the hope that their prospect will make them feel OK again. Some of…

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Increase Your Communication Effectiveness 93%

By Hamish Knox / June 20, 2012

When you get an email from a prospect with one of the following requests, what do you do? Send me a quote for.. Provide us with more information about.. We’d like a proposal.. Forward us a brochure on.. If you thought, “reply by email,” you just put your prospect firmly in control of the sales…

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Stop Helping Your Prospects Lower Your Prices

By Hamish Knox / May 15, 2012

Before you choose to answer your prospect’s “how much” question, consider if you are unintentionally helping your prospect lower your prices. While a common trick of the amateur salesperson is offering increasing discounts to win business, I haven’t met a professional salesperson who uses this tactic. Unfortunately, the professional salesperson can still be guilty of…

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Hope, Fear, and Selling

By Hamish Knox / April 30, 2012

The bottom line of selling is going to the bank; however, prospects are more likely to offer hope instead of an order when meeting a salesperson. “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear,”—President Snow, the Hunger Games. “A little hope is effective; a lot of hope is dangerous.” Because hope is stronger than fear,…

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