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ACTivation Nation – Selling to the “Amazon-ized” Buyer [PODCAST]

By Matt Benelli / June 9, 2021

It’s been said many times over the past year, that sales reps with skills learned through the inside sales or digital sales organizations are the ones that rose to the top during the pandemic.

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ACTivation Nation – The New Era of Virtual Digital Sales Motion [PODCAST]

By Matt Benelli / April 22, 2021

Anneke Seley was trained by Oracle’s Larry Ellison, welcomed SalesForce’s Mark Benioff to the business world, and consulted for Steve Jobs. She’s been on the cutting edge of “modern selling’ for her entire career – one that started when she graduated from Stanford and joined Oracle as employee #12. Fast – forward to today, Anneke…

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Three Big Questions for Company Leaders in Difficult Times

By Damon Jones / April 22, 2021

The answers you give to these questions can help you ensure that you maintain momentum as you emerge from these challenging times.

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