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Sales Training Is Useless without a Proper Diagnosis

By Patrick McManamon / November 3, 2010

What really goes on with a doctor’s visit? Ideally, you realize that you have some symptoms that are preventing you from functioning at 100%. You then get an appointment with the doctor, they ask you a fair amount of questions about your symptoms and lifestyle, and then they make some recommendations-usually involving a prescription of…

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Sales Training with Sandler: The Benefits of Having a Sales Coach

By Sandler Training / October 19, 2010

What do all of the world’s greatest athletes, politicians and business leaders have in common? They didn’t get to be the best on their own. They all had guidance from coaches and mentors, and that guidance is what brought out their endless potential in their field. Check out the video above from Sandler CEO Dave…

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Get Over It: Stop Fearing Rejection, Stop Seeking Approval, Start Prospecting

By Sandler Training / September 10, 2010

That’s a headline straight out of sales training boot camp, but it’s true. There is a question most people want answered when they go to a sales training program or read one of the many sales how-to books; that question sounds like this, “Is there really one secret weapon or magic formula to make me better and…

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Sales Training: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

By Sandler Training / August 18, 2010

Over the last eight years I have done hundreds of one-on-one performance coaching sessions with salespeople, and the single most frequent question I hear is, “How do I get better?” It’s a meaningful question and almost always asked with a genuineness that signifies the person speaking really wants help. I usually respond to that question…

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Awarded Top Training Company

By Sandler Training / May 19, 2010

[Training Industry] Sandler has received the prestigious Top 20 Sales Training Companies in the US award from Training Industry.

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