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Earn Your Summer Vacation: Boost Summer Sales and Get Ready for a Spectacular Fall

By Sandler Training / June 24, 2016

As the weather heats up, many companies begin to look with dread upon the impending summer slowdown. For brands unprepared for the upcoming lull, it can be a challenge to keep the company moving forward and productive during the summer months. With people in and out of the door due to vacations and time off,…

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How to Build a Sales Plan that Withstands Summer Sales Slumps

By Dave Mattson / August 3, 2015

The infamous summer sales slump may be in full swing in your business, but it’s time to turn things around. By rethinking your summer sales plan, you can use a slower market to your advantage. Follow our guide to building a sales plan that withstands summer slumps and turn these notoriously slow months into productive and profitable…

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The Most Effective Ways to Motivate Sales Teams This Summer

By Dave Mattson / June 3, 2015

Summer brings longer days filled with cookouts, beach vacations, and plenty of outdoor fun, but it also tends to bring sales slumps in many industries. Customers hesitate to buy and put off making decisions during summer months, leading to low sales figures. After hearing “no” hundreds of times—or never hearing back at all—sales teams quickly…

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Don’t Fall For These Summer Business Myths

By Daryl Burgess / April 24, 2015

There’s a popular, albeit unfounded, belief that summers are slow for business. Sandler Training disagrees, and dares to say that professionals create a self-fulfilling prophecy by telling themselves that despite great efforts, their summer will be tough. Sandler trained professionals believe that outreach and other activity might need to be increased in the summer, there’s…

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A Cure for the Summer Sales Blues

By Hamish Knox / August 3, 2012

When the calendar turns to July and August, most people struggle to prospect because they believe that all of their prospects are on vacation. Often summer is a great time to reach decision makers. They are in the office while their staff is away. As, David Sandler said, “you can’t manage anything you can’t control,”…

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There’s No Summer Slumber. People Will Still Spend Their Money

By Sandler Training / July 29, 2010

We are right in the middle of summer, and I love the summer. And in the midst of this nice warm weather, it may be strange to say that I also love the winter-but I do. That’s when the business world almost uniformly decides to go into a slumber because they believe buying slows down.…

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