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How to Succeed When the Sale Goes Sideways [PODCAST]

By Sandler Training / June 23, 2020

Mike Montague interviews Hamish Knox on How to Succeed When the Sale Goes Sideways. In this episode: Throw your current proposal out the window Don’t let the “sunk cost fallacy” get in your way Be emotionally unattached from the outcome You can’t lose anything you don’t have Empathize with your prospect Go back and reset You…

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Preparing for an Important Conversation? Step Up to the PLATE!

By Dave Hiatt / July 10, 2018

Sandler provides an easy way to remember the five key components of getting a mutually beneficial conversation started: the simple mnemonic PLATE.  Think of it this way. To have a civilized dinner, you first put the food on the plate. The same is true for a civilized conversation. Get the mutual agreements on the PLATE,…

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Asking for a Commitment Isn’t a Hard Sell Tactic

By Hamish Knox / August 29, 2013

I read an article recently that slammed sales people for using the “hard sell” tactic of asking for a decision at the end of a presentation. To paraphrase David Sandler, don’t make presentations without a prior commitment to make a “no” or “yes” at the end of the presentation. Two valuables a sales person possesses…

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The key to success in sales: an agenda

By Sandler Training / February 25, 2013

Your meeting date and time has been established.  You’re confident your product or service is superior to your competitors.  Your goal for the meeting is to convince the prospect. You’ve planned to be there for 45 minutes. The prospect checks their calendar and realizes a few minutes before that, they’ve scheduled a meeting with some salesperson and they’re…

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